To provide you with Food grade Tripotassium Phosphate,Food grade Disodium Phosphate,Food grade Trisodium Phosphate
Magnesium Acetate Tetrahydrate(Anhydrous)manufacturer

I am Jay coming from Jiangsu kolod food ingredients co.,ltd, we are China's leading food ingredients manufacturer,we have industrial grade Magnesium Acetate, food grade Magneisum Acetate,Pharma Grade Magnesium Acetate, Reagent Grade Magneisum Acetate and so on.

we can also accept customized Magnesium Acetate.  we can produce Magesium Acetate Tetrahydrate and Anhydrous.

we produce other Acetates, such as Potassium Acetate,Sodium Acetate, Ammonium Acetate,Calcium Acetate, Zinc Acetate,Copper Acetate and so on.

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